I’m Back!

I am ready to resurrect my blog.  So watch this space!

I need to do a little redecorating of the layout and then new content will be popping up!




On Hiatus

See You Soon.jpgI have been trying to decide whether I want to keep this blog going. Recently I felt I hadn’t had the time needed to really get into blogging on here.

I do have another blog, one I use for my writing tutorials, that I’ve been working hard on. It has taken several months to build that up and while I would like to do the same with this blog, currently my time feels stretched thin.

However rather than just close this blog I have decided to put it on hiatus for a few months. This should hopefully give me time to get myself organised with other projects I have going on.

I can then come back and maybe try again with this blog. Thank you to all my followers. I hope to see you again.

Bright Blessings



From Hoarder to Minimalist

Lots of Stuff Cardboard Boxes Messy Disorganized Storage Stockpi

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The past 18 months have been quite a change for me.

I went from being a medium hoarder to becoming closer and closer to a minimalist.

My hoarding was not severe thankfully, I didn’t have a full on hoarding condition that meant I never threw things out nor did have trash in my house.

My house was clean but cluttered and I kept items for several reasons.

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Eco Post: Reusing Medicine Bottles

One of our cats has a medical condition that requires two different pills each day. The prescription is for 30 days so every month we end up with two small medicine bottles that are no longer needed.

I did speak to my vet but sadly they can’t reuse them so it just becomes waste. While our council does recycle plastic bottles, it is annoying that after just one month’s usage these items are just discarded.

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Eco: Reusing Cooking Oil

Vegetable oil in plastic bottle closeup

While visiting my parents, my mother asked me what she could do with her vegetable cooking oil she had used. It was sat in the pan because she didn’t want to just chuck it away. I gave her a few suggestions and went on my way.

Cooking oil is one of those things people use a lot but that you don’t always hear about recycle/reuse methods.

You are usually aware of the one no-no – DON’T pour it down the drain. Greases, fats and oils clog drains and are the cause of around 75% of burst sewers. So while it’s quite a common no-no, it does seem like people aren’t paying attention to it!

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Sabbat: Imbolc

imbolc greeting card

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Imbolc, a Fire Festival.

A time between the darkness of Winter and the dawning of Spring. Light a candle to beckon on the growth of the Sun God.

Pronunciation: Im-molc

It is a time for cleansing and purification. A time of renewal and the welcoming of the Goddess Brigid.

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Eco-Craft: Making bookcase mini shelves

20160129_170614I have a large book collection because I love to read. They all sit in a 5 x 5 cube unit which can hold loads.

However many of my books are the usual size which means that there is a lot of dead space as you can see.

This had been bugging me after we managed to completely fill the unit….but there are more books I want! :p

I couldn’t find anything that would fit my needs without spending stupid amounts of money so I decided to make my own “half shelves” to double my space.

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Biz Blog: Postage Station & Prep

BK AvatarI know some people come by this blog from my little etsy shop Blaqkat, and I’ve had business questions before so I thought I would start including some posts about business and some of the processes I use.

As you can imagine December is the busiest month for me and while I did manage to beat my last years’ sales for this month, I sadly had to close my shop earlier than normal due to the ongoing drama with the leaking roof (leaking into my craft room!) and awful roofers who just continued to make the roof worse!

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