New Product Launch: Introducing Witch Kits

I just wanted to share with you an announcement.  I have created some Witch Kits for my Pagan Etsy Shop

Over the next few days, I will be releasing several kits in different sizes.  The first one has already been launched. 

Banner - New Product Launch: Introducing Witch Kits by Blaqkat Pagan Store. Image of parcels wrapped in ribbon. Image from Pixabay

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How To Celebrate The Feast Of Aphrodite

Sorry for the lack of posts, after Samhain, things got crazy busy in my shop and it’s only just calming down. 

The 6th February is known as the Feast of Aphrodite.  This Greek Goddess has often been shunned for other deities however, Aphrodite is a powerful Goddess who makes us think differently about ourselves.

So consider adding The Feast of Aphrodite to your calendar to celebrate and honour this Goddess.

Banner for the blog post "How to Celebrate the Feast of Aphrodite."  Image of a red heart made of smoke

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It’s National Feral Cat Day

Today is National Feral Cat Day.  As a self-certified Crazy Cat Lady, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge this day and help to spread awareness.

People often hear the word “feral” and don’t fully understand what that means.  Feral simply refers to a domesticated species, in this case, cats that have reverted to living as wild animals.

Unlike stray cats, ferals have very little or no contact with humans and so will not usually approach and are not tame.

Banner - It's National Feral Cat Day. Feral cat eating food.  Image from Pixabay

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Mabon Sale this weekend!

Happy Mabon Sale at 15% off

Mabon, the Autumn Equinox is this weekend.  A time when the length of the day and night are equal.  It is also a celebration of the Second Harvest, giving thanks especially for an abundant harvest.

I’m celebrating Mabon with a quick Sale running from the 21st to 23rd September 2019.   Receive 15% off* shop-wide with the code HAPPYMABONSALE19 at

So treat yourself or pick up some early Yuletide presents!

* Sale T&Cs: £15 minimum order required.  Custom orders not included in the sale