Decorating for Yule

Yule or WinSol (Winter Solstice) is rapidly approacing. Since we live with a pack of destructive cats we have to think carefully when it comes to decorating for this Sabbat.

Our first decoration is a pretty burlap Yule Banner that is strung above the door. The white holly leaves are there to cover a hook that normally holds a decorative plate.


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Sweeping out the cobwebs

Cobwebs with dew

The last few months have been a whirlwind, and even now I still feel caught up in it.

Work has been busy with an upcoming move, my current degree module was delayed and so I am feeling a little frantic and then we had a massive leak right into my craft room.

So at the busiest time of year I had to relocate all my supplies and it has put a struggle on getting my orders sorted. The leak has not been fixed yet.

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Dealing with the death of a pet

IMG_20150701_193420635Back in September of this year we tragically lost one of our beloved cats to cancer. It was heart breaking made worse by the unexpectedness of it.

Lucky had come to our home around 2 years ago when his owner passed away and her family did not want to keep him so we took him in.

He was a large cat, with a gentle patient nature and while it took him a few weeks to acclimatise to our home (we have 3 cats already) he found his place. He also became the “big brother” to Twix and allowed a lot of attack-play to occur before he would lay down the law.

He was also one of those cats you could just pick up and cuddle and he would be really contented, just purring gently and happy to be held.

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Protecting Hedgehogs

12105781_1213651931995007_4153890700358086349_nSince bonfires are often lit on Samhain (Halloween) not to mention we are rushing towards Bonfire Night here in the UK, I thought I would put up a post about hedgehog safety and hedgehogs in general!


Please make sure you only build a bonfire on the day you intend to light it. If you want to gather the wood, fine, but even if you stack it up.

Rebuild the bonfire in a different location on the day you want to light it.

Hedgehogs love to sleep in stacks of wood, they chose these as nesting areas and will burrow into the twigs and leaves.

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National Black Cat Day (a day late)


This is my pretty girl Marvel, claiming the top of the cat tree

Due to some crazy I totally missed National Black Cat Day (27th October 2015).

However that does not stop me from blogging about it (even belately). For some bizarro reason black cats take on average 13% longer to find new homes compared to other cats. This is research done by the Cats Protection charity.

As someone who has a black cat companion I find such a thought horrendous.

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Looking back into the Past

Memory Lane Road SignNow that I am starting to find my path again and some of the stresses and struggles of the past few months years appear to have lifted. I have taken a little time to look back at my 20s. I don’t like to dwell on sorrow from my past but I do think it can be beneficial to look back once in a while.

So I’ve been thinking about my 20s (I’m now almost in the middle of my 30s) and thought about what I had learned.

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No more pottering with Pottery

Pottery3Well my newly-revamped shop is back up and running Etsy. For those who haven’t take a gander, check it out ~ BlaqKat Etsy Shop

However one of my categories was Pottery pieces. I took up pottery about 2 years ago when my partner and I realised our life had fallen into a rut and needed something to get us out of the house.

We found a great little pottery studio, with a teacher who taught us the basics and then just let us run wild.
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Once in a Blue Moon

Blue moon and night sky abstract background

It was a Blue Moon yesterday. For those who don’t know, the moon does not actually turn blue (wouldn’t that be nice if it did!). Instead the Blue Moon refers to the rare occurrence of two full moons falling within one calendar moon.

Full moons are always powerful for Witches and Pagans but a Blue Moon is considered special. It is a time for looking at your future, your goals, your desires. Magick cast on a Blue Moon night is potent.

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Surrounded by Chaos

I don’t even want to know how long it’s been since I blogged. My partner had a few relapses and wasn’t doing well. When that happens I draw back from everything so I can focus on him. These have been getting fewer but he had some bad ones recently.

Well, things have calmed down again so I thought “why not fling myself into chaos”.

I decided to pull my little pagan shop offline for 2 weeks so I could revamp it!  Photos need reshooting, new items need making, policies need sprucing, banner needs changing etc etc

Sounded like a great idea… until I realised just how much work this was going to be. It didn’t help that M and I just spent hours today with my light tent taking new photos only to find that even tweaked, they were coming up bluish or redish. This is even with a white balance card and a frigging good camera.

Soooo because I am being a little bit of perfectionist and don’t want my photos looking like that, I have decided to be bold and move away from plain white backgrounds (mostly). I always found them better than what I originally used but now I think I need to move on.

What does this mean? All those hours were wasted and I have to take another gazillion photos again (when the daylight is back).

Oh well, if I want this shop to be viable I guess these mistakes are going to happen. Another of these learning curves that bite you in the backside.

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A touch of elemental!

Finally got my new pieces into my store.

The first three of five Elemental pieces. Since my “Five Element” necklace was such a hit, I thought I would create one for each of the individual elements.

Here is my Fire Element with a choice of charms including a sun (pictured), a dragon and a lightning bolt. 🙂

Fire 2

Here is my Earth Element with choice of Yggdrasil, Bear or Deer charms

Earth 1

Here is my Water Element with choice of fish, seahorse, curly shell or turtle

Water 1

I still have to complete Air and Spirit. I really like these, it was nice to get away from the Chakra jewellery for a bit as I feel like my shop is 90% chakra jewellery (not too bad since those are were most of my sales come from). 🙂


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