☆ Veggi-licious ☆

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I have been a vegetarian for a good few years now. This page will be used for links to recipes, ideas and suggestions for those wanting to change to vegetarianism.

Please note I have no interest in preaching to anyone. I have no issue with meat eaters, my personal decision to go vegetarian was due to ethical reasons.

When I was a meat eater I never shied from the details of how those animals came to be on my plate as I felt it was something I should know. I moved to organic as soon as I was at the age to control the purchase of my food. However despite much legislation the slaughter of animals can be done badly, unethically and cruel.

I am a supporter of the Humane Slaughter Society who “work to improve standards of welfare for food animals during transport, marketing, slaughter, and killing for disease control and welfare reasons. It works through research, education, training and technical advances to bring practical and lasting improvements in food animal welfare around the world.”

After all, we are unlikely to ever get everyone in the world off their meat diet, so at the very least we can campaign for those animals who are bred for meat to be treated both during their lives and at their death with respect and compassion.

I am against factory farming and believe sustainable, free-range, organic methods are the best for everyone: both the animals’ well-being and ourselves.

It is not always easy to make the change to vegetarianism (believe me, I am the fussiest eater you have ever met and hated trying new foods…especially most vegetables!). However this page is not just for those wanting to be vegetarian, it can help to incorporate more vegetarian options into your mealtimes without you having to give up meat all together. It’s all a step towards being a little bit more healthy.


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