Goodbye serenity…welcome back from your vacation Hectic stress!

As I should have guessed when I tempted the Fates by writing that last post claiming to be catching up, feeling calm, settles… *chokes on a laugh*… they waited until my back was turned and then WAP!

My parents got burgled! In the middle of the day, on Sunday, by smashing a patio window…. That is just mental! Thankfully they were not home, so no one got hurt but they took some Christmas presents, took some of my mother’s jewellery, not expensive but really sentiment (pieces her mum had given her), trashed the house, destroyed some things *Bastards* As you can imagine it shook them up and they have not felt very safe. 😦

Work became crazy and I’ve had to stay late. (I hate that! It’s not like I get paid extra!)

My shop went crazy and I got in more orders than I ever expected! (so that created panic since I was coming home late and tired from my full time job and then there was the manic supply buying when I started to run really low!)  However I LOVE that people are really loving my items and choosing to spend their money in my little shop! (Big thanks to my lovely customers!!)

I had also hoped to find some time *laughs manically* to go back to my novel(s). Whether that was writing them again or just going through the mountain (no joke) of scenes and notes so I could remember all those additional subplot ideas I had months ago! But while the muse is back, flinging her ideas at me I am struggling to find any time to do anything with them. So they are being hurriedly blurted into a dictaphone to be typed up…eventually! *head-desk*

My partner has been struggling with an illness and it’s brought back his insomnia… so he is finding things hard so I’ve been trying to do as much around the house as possible but seriously…where is all the time going!?

I will be off work soon for the holidays and am truly going to streamline my days down – they will not be holidays they will be getting-my-sh*t-together-days.

GAH! I haven’t even LOOKED at my Writing Blog for ages. I feel very crappy about that as I had a lot of followers that enjoyed my tutorials but have I written any more!? No…

I hope you all are having some peace and calm in your lives.

Take care