A Witch in the Attic

I am aware of the irony of my last post.  I put up an announcement stating that I’ve returned to this blog, that I’m back… only to vanish again for almost five months.

Life apparently has a crummy sense of humour and dropped a ton of stuff on me just as I was getting ready to start blogging here again.  *very funny Life*

Title Image: A Witch in the Attic.  Image of an old attic window

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Sweeping out the cobwebs

Cobwebs with dew

The last few months have been a whirlwind, and even now I still feel caught up in it.

Work has been busy with an upcoming move, my current degree module was delayed and so I am feeling a little frantic and then we had a massive leak right into my craft room.

So at the busiest time of year I had to relocate all my supplies and it has put a struggle on getting my orders sorted. The leak has not been fixed yet.

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