Sabbat: Imbolc

imbolc greeting card

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Imbolc, a Fire Festival.

A time between the darkness of Winter and the dawning of Spring. Light a candle to beckon on the growth of the Sun God.

Pronunciation: Im-molc

It is a time for cleansing and purification. A time of renewal and the welcoming of the Goddess Brigid.

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The Barren Tree

The Barren Tree

2015 has not been the best of years for me and to be honest I am glad it’s almost over. However I did a mini divination to see what the next year would bring.

It technically said I would fail but in a good way… that even with a well-meaning plan I will end up at the Barren Tree.

Sounds uninspiring but actually it was the opposite. The message was that I needed to push through, understand that there would be a struggle and a failure but that once I had reached that things would start anew.

The Barren Tree works well with the current time – after all we have just experienced WinSol.

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Sweeping out the cobwebs

Cobwebs with dew

The last few months have been a whirlwind, and even now I still feel caught up in it.

Work has been busy with an upcoming move, my current degree module was delayed and so I am feeling a little frantic and then we had a massive leak right into my craft room.

So at the busiest time of year I had to relocate all my supplies and it has put a struggle on getting my orders sorted. The leak has not been fixed yet.

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Once in a Blue Moon

Blue moon and night sky abstract background

It was a Blue Moon yesterday. For those who don’t know, the moon does not actually turn blue (wouldn’t that be nice if it did!). Instead the Blue Moon refers to the rare occurrence of two full moons falling within one calendar moon.

Full moons are always powerful for Witches and Pagans but a Blue Moon is considered special. It is a time for looking at your future, your goals, your desires. Magick cast on a Blue Moon night is potent.

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Gaia’s Blood

I’ve been a while since I wrote for The Pagan Experience, stuff got in the way again. I do sometimes feel I need to stand around, broom in hand beating all this random “stuff” that dares to creep in and steal my time, my energy and my focus.

This week’s topic is Water.

Element - Water

Being both a Pisces and a HSP I feel I am heavily connected to Water. It is my element, it is the representation of emotion and change. Like emotion it can both comfort and overwhelm.

Water is the shape shifter, it moulds to the vessel to which it is poured. Heated it rises as vapour, chilled it hardens to ice. It falls gently as snow and hits hard as hail.

Water is abundant and yet also rare. Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is water and yet it is a finite source. Most of our body is water, most of our brain is water. Too little and we suffer and perish, too much and we suffer and perish.

Water is precious and so should be honoured, cherished. It should be used with care not reckless abandon. All life needs water and all life should have access to water.

It should be conserved, kept clean, protected.

As a conversationalist, I am careful what I put into water using non-toxic substances that do not pollute water. I collect rainwater for my garden for when the summer comes.

I feel at my most cleansed when standing outside in a rainstorm. Soaked through to the bone and shaking from a mix of heat from within and cold from without.

It is the element that melds with all others. It rises in the air to fall as rain. It cuts a path through the earth to run as rivers. It is warmed by fire but can smother, dampen and extinguish.

Water is Gaia’s blood.

Pigeon Rescue

Well today was supposed to be a day of making items for my shop, taking the cats to the vet and then chilling this evening.

Except that when I was returning home after dropping my partner off I saw something thrashing around on the side of the road. I pulled up on double yellow lines (seriously there are ALWAYS double yellow lines!  thankfully no one around to give me a ticket) rushed back through the (luckily quiet) traffic.

Rescued pigeonWhat I had seen was a dead pigeon 😦 with its wings open and the wings moved with the motion of the wind and the traffic. However a few feet away was a NOT dead pigeon, injured, on its back and closer to the traffic than the other one.

I already had my gloves on (hurray for cold hands) so I managed to pick him up and pop him in an open box I have in my car. Because of COURSE I have been taking things to the recycling centre and had emptied my car of the rescue kit I usually carry.

( I have rescued numerous animals in my time and apparently am the “go to” person for friends and family whenever an animal is found injured, lost or acting weird. Though I have never rescued a pigeon before – my dad rescued a few when I was growing up and I’ve rescued other birds but this is a first with pigeons )

He is now in a box upstairs, in a quiet room, a 7 hour heat pad under a towel beneath him. Birds have small fast hearts so blood loss is pretty serious. I used a clean cotton pad soaked in warm water to clean the wound and press against it to slow the bleeding.

Other than the wound and the wing held low he seems in pretty good health. I called the vet who will see him today when I take my cats. I know the injuries may end up being untreatable that he needs to be put down, but if that happens, it is still better than dying under the wheels of a car, or in the cold gutter of pain or starvation.

He is calmer, warmer and in a quiet place. He is a little soul who deserves a chance.


EDIT: He went to the vets and they checked him out, but sadly his injuries were too severe for treatment. Even the vet was saddened that she could not help him. I said a blessing to him and the vet put him to sleep, he went quickly, peacefully… and warm.

May the Wild God protect this little brother. xx



M is for Mother

In a desperate attempt to get myself caught up with the Blog post project I am jumping to M. I feel this will force me to back track and get the other (goddess-knows how many) letters I’ve missed, written.

Mother is the middle aspect in the Triple Goddess.

The first is Maiden, innocence, youth, vitality and curiosity. Finding her feet, overwhelming her senses and living with unbridled hope and passion for every new experience. The last aspect is the Crone, wisdom, knowledge, strength, solitude and understanding. She is the bridge to the next world, armed with her experience gained in life, she is the guide, the one who watches over the other two.

So we move to the Mother.
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Turn of the wheel

cropped-cropped-witch-blog-banner.jpgAh the inevitable “first post”.

I hate first posts, they always feel a little clunky and awkward so I try and get through it as quickly as possible.

I could explain who I am or why I started this blog, but personally I like to have specific pages along the header for that, so anyone popping by can read them without having to dig for the first post.

But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to through a few bits in here.

I have been following the Pagan path since I was about 10, (around three years before I even knew what I was doing had a name). I am now in my third decade and continuing to follow that path. I have no real defined ideas for this blog – it will most likely be a mix of my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Whether you are new to the craft or not, I hope you find something interesting here.

This blog was originally to be started on the Winter Solstice. After making the decision to start a Pagan blog, I thought it would be nice to start it on one of my favourite Sabbats. However my continued scatter-ness has allowed me to slip past my own deadline. Oh well, maybe once this gets started it will help to add a little routine to my life.

Brightest blessings