Monday Musings – Resolutions

So, I joined The Pagan Experience were they have Monday Musings. Since the Pagan Blog Project ended in 2014, this was a great find. Big thanks to DarksLyric who contacted me after seeing my last post and informed me of The Pagan Experience.

The prompt for this week was Resolutions. This is were we resolve to do things, keep promises, stick to goals. To make strong resolutions, it is best to avoid the vague and include “how” you plan to do it.

So here are my resolutions for 2015

1 – Write More – I truly cannot call myself a writer if I do not write. So I plan to write more, and write regularly (6pm every night) for at least 15mins and in the same location (my craft room). All these will (hopefully) help to cement the habit of writing and I will have less “staring at a blank screen” and more actual novel scenes, poems, blog posts, letters etc.

2 – Spend more time with nature – Last year got the better of me and I got dragged into the screaming dervish of life, family and oodles of stress. Which meant I sacrificed, one being my time outside. A Pagan who spends no time with nature feels that separation keenly and I was no exception. My garden was mostly neglected (though the birds were always fed!) but I did not tend my flowers, I did not spend time just out amid that quiet place or even in any of the woods or parks nearby. So this year I will drag out my plans for the garden, I will organise what I want to do each month and I will do it on the last weekend of every month.

3 – Increase my fitness – I know, I know, fitness ones are always doomed right? Well I don’t plan to stupidly give myself goals of running a marathon. In I will start with the smallest amount, the most basics. I will reduce my wheat intake (especially since I am sure I have an intolerance and when I originally cut it down the difference was incredible!) I will spend 2 mins (I know that’s small, but I need to build my strength slowly) on the stepper. I will walk to the post office when I am posting parcels (after all, there really is no rush!).

4 – To cleanse my living space – Those who read the Big Shake Up post about the book I read and the craziness that has come from that will know what I am talking about. I am blitzing the house and everything in it. Yes EVERYTHING. Already furniture has been sold, 12 bin bags of clothes, towels and bedding have been donated and we started on the books. My partner and I have a very detailed plan regarding this purge. Already I have felt a deep freeing sense. I have always felt guilty if someone gives me something that I don’t want, or I’ve ended up with “sentimental” items that don’t really bring me joy. These things have clogged up my home and made living there difficult. Now, as I purge each area I am amazed at the feeling of freedom, energy and peace. The rule is Purge first, purge by category (rather than location) hold everything, touch everything and decide does it REALLY bring you joy? Will you truly use it? I love it!

5 – Reconnect with Friends – I have found that with all these social media sites, we have actually got less connection with people. Everything is in small bites of information, usually just about ourselves, we are the centre of our own universe and treat others like the audience. We don’t connect, we don’t reach out, we don’t listen anymore. I have always tried to push past that, stay connected with snail mail to friends (even virtual friends) or long emails, phone calls rather than just tweets and texts. It’s not easy and many people are resistant to giving you their time when they can instead text 20 people about what they ate! But I will continue to hope that some of us can reconnect properly.