A big shake up!

Following the rather gloomy feelings I’ve been carrying around like my own personal black cloud, my loving partner treated me to a book.

It was read in one day, and while some of the more “silly” aspects were skimmed the actual jist of the book has reverberated through me in a way I never EVER thought could happen.

The book is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever by Marie Kondo.

Okay as someone who enjoys watching videos and reading blogs about organising (yep I became one of “those” people) this has blown me away. Technically all the ideas and techniques that these other books and videos suggest are mostly thrown out by Marie Kondo as she approaches a who new method of organising.

Just by reading the book I am seeing EVERYTHING in my house in a different way. Things I had just accepted as part of my home decor are now being questioned with “do I even want this?” Especially since friends, family and even neighbours are always buying me things and I feel bad throwing / donating them so I end up keeping them, going to accept and sometimes kinda like them… but never love them.

When I started to analyse my clutter and all my possessions I realised I was very much a hoarder (though not in the house full to bursting, rat infected way!) just in the “I don’t like letting things go” way.

All this stuff is distracting, it is stealing my focus from what I WANT to do, what I LOVE to do and what I NEED to do. Also, it’s a lot of bloody crap to clean and clean around! Not only am I going to try her KonMari method but I am actually raring to start NOW!

Unfortunately my partner has fallen ill and this may delay it, but I have a feeling I may try and push forward anyway!

I have already identified several pieces of furniture that while (partially) functional and very pretty are just not me, they ruin the energy of the house and to be honest I have filled them because they were more than I needed but I hated the idea of such wasted storage space.

Well once my camera battery is charged they are going on Gumtree to be sold. Little bit of cash towards paying vet bills (two of my cats have contracted eye infections and are on meds), more space and someone who can actually use the furniture can cherish it instead!

I am so giddy to start, but the method is very much a following a specific pattern to help stop rebound (when you eventually refill your house with clutter).

So, if you want a big change, a big clear out and get your house and life organised, streamlined and minimal without losing things you really love I 100% recommend buying/borrowing the book above and reading it.

I will probably throw up a few posts to show the changes I make and then who knows maybe I can get back to Pagan Blog Projects, Writing, sorting my business!

Enjoy your day 🙂