How I came to Paganism and Honouring Gaia

My first guide and inspiration will always be Gaia.  She is the personification of the Earth, the very land we stand upon.  She nurtures us and supports us.

How I came to Paganism and Honouring Gaia

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M is for Mother

In a desperate attempt to get myself caught up with the Blog post project I am jumping to M. I feel this will force me to back track and get the other (goddess-knows how many) letters I’ve missed, written.

Mother is the middle aspect in the Triple Goddess.

The first is Maiden, innocence, youth, vitality and curiosity. Finding her feet, overwhelming her senses and living with unbridled hope and passion for every new experience. The last aspect is the Crone, wisdom, knowledge, strength, solitude and understanding. She is the bridge to the next world, armed with her experience gained in life, she is the guide, the one who watches over the other two.

So we move to the Mother.
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C is for Colour… of a Witch

Throughout the years I have been a Pagan, I have often come across the term “white witch”. This appears to be the image of a witch who does all good things and uses “white magick” rather than “black magick” and is all manner of sickly sweet awesomeness.

I don’t use these terms, mainly because I don’t agree with them. The idea we can separate magick into black and white makes me shudder.

Most witches/Pagans/Wiccans etc understand that magick is neither considered one nor the other, it is neutral and it is the direction and purpose given by the caster that decides its position on the morality spectrum.
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