Biz Blog: Postage Station & Prep

BK AvatarI know some people come by this blog from my little etsy shop Blaqkat, and I’ve had business questions before so I thought I would start including some posts about business and some of the processes I use.

As you can imagine December is the busiest month for me and while I did manage to beat my last years’ sales for this month, I sadly had to close my shop earlier than normal due to the ongoing drama with the leaking roof (leaking into my craft room!) and awful roofers who just continued to make the roof worse!

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A touch of elemental!

Finally got my new pieces into my store.

The first three of five Elemental pieces. Since my “Five Element” necklace was such a hit, I thought I would create one for each of the individual elements.

Here is my Fire Element with a choice of charms including a sun (pictured), a dragon and a lightning bolt. 🙂

Fire 2

Here is my Earth Element with choice of Yggdrasil, Bear or Deer charms

Earth 1

Here is my Water Element with choice of fish, seahorse, curly shell or turtle

Water 1

I still have to complete Air and Spirit. I really like these, it was nice to get away from the Chakra jewellery for a bit as I feel like my shop is 90% chakra jewellery (not too bad since those are were most of my sales come from). 🙂



I am so happy, I received my 100th sale on Sunday which was such a nice boost to my confidence after I’d had such a rough few weeks.

My little Pagan Shop is my escape from the mundane-ness of my regular job. However I don’t always have the time and energy to make as much as I’d like. So I have a nice big list of what I want to do and need to find the time to do it.

Add to that I finally created (with the help of Weebly) a website. I had spent ages thinking about updating mine which has been on hold forever, but I just can’t find that extra time to write all the HTML code. So instead I chugged in and used Weebly which actually worked well. Maybe not exactly what I wanted but it works.

Feel free to visit the site: Blaqkat (it opens in a new window).

I also did get a few simple pieces made up recently for my shop because my next goal is to get 100 items in the shop! So here are a few little delights I’ve made.

Rainbow Pentacle2A

A bright pair of pentacle earrings

Isis2AGorgeous Lapis Lazuli beads with Isis charms

KR Tools 2a

I extended my range to include keyrings/bag charms. This is my “Witch’s Tools” one.

Wish 2a

Wish in a bottle. Blue Lace Agate gems ending with a mini bottle of rainbow beads.



Reaching a goal can be a lot of hard work, but just reaching it totally spurs you on. 🙂 So, on to the next goal!!