A touch of elemental!

Finally got my new pieces into my store.

The first three of five Elemental pieces. Since my “Five Element” necklace was such a hit, I thought I would create one for each of the individual elements.

Here is my Fire Element with a choice of charms including a sun (pictured), a dragon and a lightning bolt. 🙂

Fire 2

Here is my Earth Element with choice of Yggdrasil, Bear or Deer charms

Earth 1

Here is my Water Element with choice of fish, seahorse, curly shell or turtle

Water 1

I still have to complete Air and Spirit. I really like these, it was nice to get away from the Chakra jewellery for a bit as I feel like my shop is 90% chakra jewellery (not too bad since those are were most of my sales come from). 🙂



Gaia’s Blood

I’ve been a while since I wrote for The Pagan Experience, stuff got in the way again. I do sometimes feel I need to stand around, broom in hand beating all this random “stuff” that dares to creep in and steal my time, my energy and my focus.

This week’s topic is Water.

Element - Water

Being both a Pisces and a HSP I feel I am heavily connected to Water. It is my element, it is the representation of emotion and change. Like emotion it can both comfort and overwhelm.

Water is the shape shifter, it moulds to the vessel to which it is poured. Heated it rises as vapour, chilled it hardens to ice. It falls gently as snow and hits hard as hail.

Water is abundant and yet also rare. Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is water and yet it is a finite source. Most of our body is water, most of our brain is water. Too little and we suffer and perish, too much and we suffer and perish.

Water is precious and so should be honoured, cherished. It should be used with care not reckless abandon. All life needs water and all life should have access to water.

It should be conserved, kept clean, protected.

As a conversationalist, I am careful what I put into water using non-toxic substances that do not pollute water. I collect rainwater for my garden for when the summer comes.

I feel at my most cleansed when standing outside in a rainstorm. Soaked through to the bone and shaking from a mix of heat from within and cold from without.

It is the element that melds with all others. It rises in the air to fall as rain. It cuts a path through the earth to run as rivers. It is warmed by fire but can smother, dampen and extinguish.

Water is Gaia’s blood.

E is for Element Cleansing

This is part of the Pagan Blog Project

Cleansing with the elements.

Water Cleansing

Element - Water

This is probably a very common one for cleansing. There are different methods for different witches. Some use the flow of water to cleanse so will use a tap, a stream, a brook or just pour the water from a vessel over the item for cleansing. Others will let the item sit within a pool of water allowing this element to surround and if possible permeate through thus removing the negativity, influence or imprint leaving it cleansed.

Air Cleansing

Element - Airsmal

This can be done with the use of incense / smudge stick were the item is passed through the smoke of the incense or smudge stick. I love using white safe to cleanse items and indeed my home, especially if I feel the area has become stagnant (usually when I have brought stress back inside after a bad day at work). You can also air cleanse with the fresh air of outside, the best time is during a windy day when the air will rush over your items, banishing away anything clinging to them.

Earth Cleansing

Element - Earth

Earth Cleansing can be a little harsher so should be done with care. There are different wants to Earth Cleanse and I think those who choose this method often use herbs or salts. However you can use other mediums including sand which is a lovely one to use. Either pour the sand over the item or bury it within and leave it overnight. Another is earth itself. Earth or dirt if you will is full of nutrients and life that help to sustain the plants and fungi on our planet. Just like sand or herbs or salt, burying your item in earth and leaving it overnight will purify it.  When I mentioned it could be harsher, this is because things of a delicate nature such as glassware can easily be scratched by the sharper particles in earth or sand or salt. It is better to Earth Cleanse strong sturdy tools, crystals and offering bowls. Anything more delicate or worn on the body is better cleansed by a different element.

Fire Cleansing

Element - Fire

Due to its nature Fire Cleansing has to be done with caution and only certain items can be cleansed in fire. They do not have to be dropped into a roaring beltane fire but simply passed through the flame of a candle would suffice. Obviously anything that could be damaged or caught alight should never be Fire Cleansed in this manner. Any metal tools like the bolline and the athame should be passed through quickly so as not to overhead and become dangerous. Any handles should not be passed through and would be better to be cleansed another way. Somethings like crystals can be cleansed merely by dropping them into a cauldron and then heating the bottom of the cauldron for a very short time. The heat will cleanse the item.

NB: always practice fire safety, never leave cauldrons over heat, or burning candles, incense unattended. Know what to do if the worst happens and something catches fire. Never pass any part of yourself through fire and keep hangings and hair from getting to close to the flames and heat sources.


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