Happy Earth Day

Pagans. We are protectors. We are defenders. Fight for the Earth.



Pigeon Rescue

Well today was supposed to be a day of making items for my shop, taking the cats to the vet and then chilling this evening.

Except that when I was returning home after dropping my partner off I saw something thrashing around on the side of the road. I pulled up on double yellow lines (seriously there are ALWAYS double yellow lines!  thankfully no one around to give me a ticket) rushed back through the (luckily quiet) traffic.

Rescued pigeonWhat I had seen was a dead pigeon 😦 with its wings open and the wings moved with the motion of the wind and the traffic. However a few feet away was a NOT dead pigeon, injured, on its back and closer to the traffic than the other one.

I already had my gloves on (hurray for cold hands) so I managed to pick him up and pop him in an open box I have in my car. Because of COURSE I have been taking things to the recycling centre and had emptied my car of the rescue kit I usually carry.

( I have rescued numerous animals in my time and apparently am the “go to” person for friends and family whenever an animal is found injured, lost or acting weird. Though I have never rescued a pigeon before – my dad rescued a few when I was growing up and I’ve rescued other birds but this is a first with pigeons )

He is now in a box upstairs, in a quiet room, a 7 hour heat pad under a towel beneath him. Birds have small fast hearts so blood loss is pretty serious. I used a clean cotton pad soaked in warm water to clean the wound and press against it to slow the bleeding.

Other than the wound and the wing held low he seems in pretty good health. I called the vet who will see him today when I take my cats. I know the injuries may end up being untreatable that he needs to be put down, but if that happens, it is still better than dying under the wheels of a car, or in the cold gutter of pain or starvation.

He is calmer, warmer and in a quiet place. He is a little soul who deserves a chance.


EDIT: He went to the vets and they checked him out, but sadly his injuries were too severe for treatment. Even the vet was saddened that she could not help him. I said a blessing to him and the vet put him to sleep, he went quickly, peacefully… and warm.

May the Wild God protect this little brother. xx



PH&F & new member

Well, due to M’s continued illness, my long working hours and a new addition to the family I can sadly say my steps towards betterment via the Pagan Health and Fitness Challenge are abysmal.

I have managed no official aerobic activity though constantly running around the house and up and down stairs at work has been something. I have not meditated, not eaten well, not remembered to have my sugar free saturday BUT I did manage my lumosity training. I guess that’s  better than nothing.

So, let’s not dwell on that failure and move to the new member.

My father called me this week after a customer informed him that her mother was sadly dying and she didn’t know what to do with her mother’s cat. There was unhappy talk of possibly having to put the animal down.

My name was put forward everyone’s go-to person for animal rescues and rehomes. On Saturday the lady sadly passed away and her daughter called me that day. I took the details and went to collect Lucky, an 8 year old black cat.

Lucky is now in M’s “man cave”. As you can imagine he is anxious and stressed by his new surroundings, so he is being kept separate from our other cats for a few days while he settles in. I scented the room with his scent before he was removed from his carrier and he seems to be getting comfortable quickly. He sat with me when I was in there working and he is quick to come for loves and has eaten.

No one that I have contacted can rehome him and we have discussed whether we can keep him. If his presence does not affect (beyond the typical “resettle” issues cats have) our other three. If he does settle and calm enough to accept us, then we will keep him 🙂

Am I getting to Crazy Cat Lady yet? =^.^=