Turn of the wheel

cropped-cropped-witch-blog-banner.jpgAh the inevitable “first post”.

I hate first posts, they always feel a little clunky and awkward so I try and get through it as quickly as possible.

I could explain who I am or why I started this blog, but personally I like to have specific pages along the header for that, so anyone popping by can read them without having to dig for the first post.

But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to through a few bits in here.

I have been following the Pagan path since I was about 10, (around three years before I even knew what I was doing had a name). I am now in my third decade and continuing to follow that path. I have no real defined ideas for this blog – it will most likely be a mix of my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Whether you are new to the craft or not, I hope you find something interesting here.

This blog was originally to be started on the Winter Solstice. After making the decision to start a Pagan blog, I thought it would be nice to start it on one of my favourite Sabbats. However my continued scatter-ness has allowed me to slip past my own deadline. Oh well, maybe once this gets started it will help to add a little routine to my life.

Brightest blessings