Monday Musings – personal practice

This week’s Monday Musings is:

Personal Practice- Share your favorite spiritual/magickal practices. What tools are incorporated into your daily practice? What feeds you and replenishes you?

My daily practice starts with tending the Birds and Beasts

My day begins with letting in the sunlight (except for when it’s too dark, then I guess I let in the darkness) 🙂  I open my home to this and take moments while I look out over my garden. I usually watch the birds.

I tend my indoor plants, talking to them gently and checking their progress.

I then tend my animals, four rescue cats, a rescued dwarf hamster and an adopted budgie. They are given attention and care.

Solace & Serenity

Before the scream of the day, my partner and I spend some time sitting at our table, enjoying the calm serenity of our home before we are exposed to the press and noise and artificial light. This time is spent cherishing the sanctuary we are lucky to have.

Before I leave the house, I send a blessing out.

Ride the Broom

When I return home, I usually need to sweep the floor. I sweep any negativity that I have brought home (usually from work), out of the house.


These are my rituals, my routines, my practices. They are what centre me, calm me and connect me.


M is for Mother

In a desperate attempt to get myself caught up with the Blog post project I am jumping to M. I feel this will force me to back track and get the other (goddess-knows how many) letters I’ve missed, written.

Mother is the middle aspect in the Triple Goddess.

The first is Maiden, innocence, youth, vitality and curiosity. Finding her feet, overwhelming her senses and living with unbridled hope and passion for every new experience. The last aspect is the Crone, wisdom, knowledge, strength, solitude and understanding. She is the bridge to the next world, armed with her experience gained in life, she is the guide, the one who watches over the other two.

So we move to the Mother.
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F is for Fear and Faith

Well, I’m nicely behind with the Pagan Blog Project so I’m going to try and chug through the next few over this weekend.

Having watched some recent news articles and read comments about them, I see fear has become a very common bedfellow with many people. It is understandable, after all almost all media spends its time portraying the very worst of humanity. Isn’t that what sells newspapers?

Add to that the charity campaigns who fill our emails with horrifying stories of human rights abuses, animal abuse, devastation to the natural world.

We are surrounded by the very worst and so we fear. We look on strangers with suspicion, believe every new cough is come new breed of bird flu and check and recheck our home locks for some sense of security.

Yes there are bad people in the world, there is cruelty and if you want to use the word “evil” then that’s there too.

But it isn’t the only thing.

When I was going through a rough time a few years ago everything I read broke my heart. The stories of what was happening to our natural world all for greed and profit filled me with pain. The stories of what humans did to each other because of our differences – religion, creed, colour, gender, sexuality or just because someone dressed differently made me withdraw. The stories of what people did to their pets, their children, their parents…

It was an endless spiral of suffering and I was not even the one going through what I read, merely feeling it empathically.

It was only when someone else was telling me about some horrible thing and I heard them say how the “world was going to hell” that I thought, wait that’s not right.

Yes there are things in this world to fear – awful things. But then what about all the people fighting FOR things.

The rainforest (for example) in Indonesia is being razed for palm oil. Animals and people are being driven out, threatened and killed. But there are people fighting to stop it, communities, campaigns, people all over the world uniting to stop it.

There are people being oppressed, beaten, raped in some countries and no one is being held accountable. But what about the organisations who are bringing these cruelties to peoples’ attention. Shining a light on this brutality so that others can sit up and say “No, this has to stop”.

For every horrible thing that happens, there are good people striving to stop it from happening again. There are people fighting to give those victims a voice, to make safe havens and push for legislation.

We can be those people, make those differences, those changes, fight for the rights of others as well as our selves. Protect our world and all those creatures that live with us.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.” ~Unknown

So have faith, the world is not so dark, so cold. If you need a little cheer, I hope you find these videos a little uplifting.



E is for Element Cleansing

This is part of the Pagan Blog Project

Cleansing with the elements.

Water Cleansing

Element - Water

This is probably a very common one for cleansing. There are different methods for different witches. Some use the flow of water to cleanse so will use a tap, a stream, a brook or just pour the water from a vessel over the item for cleansing. Others will let the item sit within a pool of water allowing this element to surround and if possible permeate through thus removing the negativity, influence or imprint leaving it cleansed.

Air Cleansing

Element - Airsmal

This can be done with the use of incense / smudge stick were the item is passed through the smoke of the incense or smudge stick. I love using white safe to cleanse items and indeed my home, especially if I feel the area has become stagnant (usually when I have brought stress back inside after a bad day at work). You can also air cleanse with the fresh air of outside, the best time is during a windy day when the air will rush over your items, banishing away anything clinging to them.

Earth Cleansing

Element - Earth

Earth Cleansing can be a little harsher so should be done with care. There are different wants to Earth Cleanse and I think those who choose this method often use herbs or salts. However you can use other mediums including sand which is a lovely one to use. Either pour the sand over the item or bury it within and leave it overnight. Another is earth itself. Earth or dirt if you will is full of nutrients and life that help to sustain the plants and fungi on our planet. Just like sand or herbs or salt, burying your item in earth and leaving it overnight will purify it.  When I mentioned it could be harsher, this is because things of a delicate nature such as glassware can easily be scratched by the sharper particles in earth or sand or salt. It is better to Earth Cleanse strong sturdy tools, crystals and offering bowls. Anything more delicate or worn on the body is better cleansed by a different element.

Fire Cleansing

Element - Fire

Due to its nature Fire Cleansing has to be done with caution and only certain items can be cleansed in fire. They do not have to be dropped into a roaring beltane fire but simply passed through the flame of a candle would suffice. Obviously anything that could be damaged or caught alight should never be Fire Cleansed in this manner. Any metal tools like the bolline and the athame should be passed through quickly so as not to overhead and become dangerous. Any handles should not be passed through and would be better to be cleansed another way. Somethings like crystals can be cleansed merely by dropping them into a cauldron and then heating the bottom of the cauldron for a very short time. The heat will cleanse the item.

NB: always practice fire safety, never leave cauldrons over heat, or burning candles, incense unattended. Know what to do if the worst happens and something catches fire. Never pass any part of yourself through fire and keep hangings and hair from getting to close to the flames and heat sources.


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