How to deal with the death of a pet

Back in September of this year we tragically lost one of our beloved cats to cancer. It was heart breaking made worse by the unexpectedness of it.

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The charity Animal Aid randomly selected nine slaughterhouses in the UK and investigated them. The video footage (which was shocking and heartbreaking) showed that 8 out of those 9 breached animal welfare laws.

These animals who were to be killed for human consumption where given little regard. They were shown to be kicked, slapped, stamped, beaten, punched, picked up by ears and tails and thrown around as well as burnt with cigarettes.

No only that, but the stunning process which is meant to allow for a more humane slaughter was often botched and meant that animals had to be stunned multiple times or worse were not adequately stunned before being slaughtered.

When this footage was shown to the government department that handles such things, the charity itself was put to question regarding whether they had breach a law for investigating these illegal abuses. (Typical UK government!)

We are calling on a mandatory installation of properly monitored CCTV in ALL UK slaughterhouses so that abuse would be deterred and those who do continue to abuse will be prosecuted using the evidence provided by CCTV.

However CCTV is not enough, more needs to be done regarding the vetting of people who work in slaughterhouses and more random spot checks.

No it will not stop all abuse. The very fact people abuse animals is pretty scary when you think that almost all serial killers start with abusing animals. In the end, if you can abuse a defenseless animal (which is evil in itself), what does that state about your capabilities regarding abusing and hurting people.

If we must continue to consume meat then those who die for it, should be treated with respect and have their end come as humanely as possible.

I urge any of my followers, if you are in the UK, please view the e-petition on the government’s site – and add your name. Let’s get this to 100,000 where it will be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee.

We are lucky in the UK that we have legislation that protects animals, however it needs to be enforced strongly. Otherwise it is worthless.

Animal Aids website regarding Slaughter campaign (or check out their other campaigns too)


If you are interested in going vegetarian or vegan, here are some great links to get you started. Including tips, info and recipes. Not ready to go 100% veggie? Why not make a small change with “Meat Free Monday” and try and add in some vegetarian / vegan meals.