About Me

blaqkatWelcome to my Pagan Blog.

I have been Pagan for 21 years when I found that the Christian faith I had been raised in left me unconnected and questioning.

My love of nature and the natural world had me following a Pagan path before I had even heard of Paganism.

I originally started out with Wicca as when you start searching this seems to be the easiest path to come across. However after a few years I found Wicca was not for me. So I consider myself a Pagan and a Witch but not a Wiccan.


This will be a place were I post on Pagan topics, animal welfare, environmental issues, vegetarian recipes (from my partner…because I don’t cook!) and anything else that takes my fancy. 🙂

If you would like to follow this blog, I will (hopefully) be posting every Wednesday evening.

Home Life

My life is shared with my loving partner who while not a witch, is still very much in touch with nature and balance. The family also includes 3 cats, who have taken over in both personality and cat-hair and a budgie who I am sure will one day rule the roost.


My greatest passion is writing and when I’m not doing that, I can be found sculpting in my pottery class, tending my (partially wild) garden, curling up with a good book, going to the cinema, shooting arrows at targets, organising my home, sketching my artwork or creating new items for my shop.

Etsy Shop

A few years ago I finally opened up a little Etsy shop called Blaqkat since I had always loved the idea of starting my own little Pagan business. Mostly it is pagan-inspired jewellery, talismans, divination kits and some altar tools but it is still growing and I am working on new lines to introduce.

While I can only do it part time at the moment, it has grown from strength to strength.

Do pop over and take a look, you may find something that catches your eye 🙂


I do have a website, however it is still a work in process as I need to find more time to get it fully designed. If you would like to check it out it is here.


I also have a Pinterest page which has a nice eclectic mix of all sorts of boards not just Pagan ones.

Contact me

This blog is the best place to contact me, just drop me a comment. While I don’t have oodles of time I do try and reply to comments and emails when I get the chance.


Any text, photographs or pictures on this site (unless stated) are copyrighted to myself or my partner and are not to be used without our express permission (in writing).

I do purchase pictures from depositphotos.com as I believe in supporting photographers/artists. A note will be listed at the bottom of each blog post where a depositphoto is used.


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