How to celebrate the Sabbat Imbolc

Imbolc, the Fire Festival celebrates a time between the darkness of Winter and the dawning of Spring.  It is a time to light a candle to beckon on the growth of the Sun God.

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Pronunciation: EE-molc

Date: 1st February (Northern Hemisphere)  1st August (Southern Hemisphere)

Colours: Red, pink, orange, white, pale yellow and silver

Foods: Diary, spicy foods, sunflower seeds, bread, cakes, honey

Goddesses: Brigid, Virgin Goddess, Artemis, Gaia, Inanna, Aradia

Gods: Sun Gods, Ra, Helios, Apollo

Symbols: Candles, Sun, firebirds, robin, bear, Brigid wheel, the Bride’s broom, white flowers, corndollies.

About Imbolc:  It is one of the four Celtic Fire Festivals that commemorates the time within the Triple Goddess energies, when the Goddess changes her form from the Crone to the Maiden.

It is a time for cleansing and purification.  A time of renewal and the welcoming of the Goddess Brigid.

Celebrating Imbolc

A Simple Personal Cleansing

One thing I like to do on Imbolc is a small cleansing ritual.

I light several candles around the room.  Then place a few candle beside my mini cauldron.

Using small strips of paper I write down my worries, negative thoughts and stresses.  I take a moment to think on each one, before offering it up to the flame.

Once lit I let them burn away safely inside my cauldron.


~  ☆  ~  ☆  ~  ☆  ~  ☆  ~  ☆  ~ ☆  ~

Decoration & Meditation

Take time to decorate your altar.  Put a candle in the centre, light it and spend time staring into the flame.

Visualise your life filling with creativity and new opportunities of starting afresh.


This is a great time to perform a divination with a view to seeing what the recent future holds and which paths are best to take.  Do a simple three card spread if you are using tarot.


Enjoy a simple feast with friends and use this time to discuss what is up and coming in your lives, what hopes you have for the year.

banner blessed imbolc featuring candle and Brigid's cross

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What are your celebrations for Imbolc?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below and if you enjoy reading this blog, consider following it 🙂




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