The Barren Tree

Banner the barren tree

[ A look ahead ]

2015 has not been the best of years for me and to be honest I am glad it’s almost over. However I did a mini divination to see what the next year would bring.

It technically said I would fail but in a good way… that even with a well-meaning plan, I will end up at the Barren Tree.

Sounds uninspiring but actually it was the opposite.  The message was that I needed to push through, understand that there would be a struggle and a failure, but that once I had reached that, things would start anew.

The Barren Tree works well with the current time – after all we have just experienced WinSol.

Winter still reigns and so much of nature is still hidden away, waiting its rebirth in the Spring.  We are in the time of the barren tree, waiting for the wheel to turn and the new growth to appear.

[ An Answer ]

Before I cast the divination I had been planning to really drive forward with my writing and my study (and about 10 other things…as is my way).  The question I had asked was “What does 2016 hold for me?”

The answer given was (in essence) to seek counsel from others, use my intuition even if it goes against the plan and of course expect the barren tree along the path.

So what I had planned with my writing, as it was the centre focus, is likely not to work out according to that plan.  Normally such a thing, when it happened would have sent me spiraling down… by knowing that my path will take me to the barren tree, it frees me of some of the stress I put on myself as a writer.

So I will continue with the plan.  After all, at least when I reach the barren tree I know it will be the start of the new growth 🙂

[ A Wider View ]

It did make me turn my focus to the other parts of my life that have been neglected again.  I am surrounded by the chaos in my home.  I need to purge and organise because it has gotten away from me.

I am starting to see how much of my valuable time is lost on searching for things, shuffling papers around, trying to keep the house organised without a system.

At the beginning of the year I made a great start with a whole change to my packrat-ism, allowing me to let go of items I had clung to for all sorts of reasons.  Some reasons were understandable, others just bizarre.

However with some stumbling blocks in the middle of the year, I ground to a halt and I am now starting to feel it.  I am very attuned to my surroundings so when it gets cluttered and disorganised it feels like a crackling sensation, unpleasant and stressful.

[ The Challenge ]

So with 2016 on the horizon I am creating myself a Purge Challenge.  I have one year to complete it, to reduce much of the items I am still holding on to.

This means there may be the odd post about this.  I think the “organise papers” is going to be the killer.  As a writer, I live in a world of paper and it is not as simple as “get a filing cabinet and some binders” have them… doesn’t help!

But I want to reclaim my time – I want to spend more of it in my garden, I want to spend more of it practicing my Craft, writing more, blogging more, playing more.

)O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O(

What new challenges are you setting yourself in the next turn of the wheel?  Leave me a comment.

As part of my Sweeping out the Cobwebs I am planning to be more active in this blog so expect posts on Paganism, nature, environmental issues, pet care and whatever else tickles my fancy.







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