Decorating for Yule

Yule or WinSol (Winter Solstice) is rapidly approacing. Since we live with a pack of destructive cats we have to think carefully when it comes to decorating for this Sabbat.

Our first decoration is a pretty burlap Yule Banner that is strung above the door. The white holly leaves are there to cover a hook that normally holds a decorative plate.


The door features a simple berry wreath and three red birds that perch amid the branches. YULE2

We like to keep (most) of our decorations to reflect the lush evergreens of winter. So wrapped around the banister and hung on the walls are thick swags. These are decorated in ribbons or small, plain baubles in red, white and green.


Any pictures we remove are replaced with hanging decorations like this one that features bells attached to more swag.


Our doors are plain white and since we rent we aren’t to add colour with paint so we add a flash of colour with large bows hanging on command hooks.


I have a love for the silly, quirky so I enjoy creating a little feature with woodland creatures. My two Tree Men candle holders add to this and a set of scent sticks just fragrance the air


Other mini decorations dotted around are wintery scenes and candle holders like this little robins tealight holder.


Larger pictures are removed and in their place a simple feature such as berried branches crossed against the wall.


The idea is to reflect some of the natural world images and keep everything out of reach of the cats 🙂

As we are in the midst of changing some rooms around, we have not spent as much time trying to work the decorations for each room.

Also, due to a leak in the roof, I have been unable to decorate my altar as it’s in that room so is currently covered in a plastic sheet to protect it. Normally however that would be fully decorated.

Sadly I feel a little unmoored at this time as we have been going through a lot since September and it has made things rather difficult. So I have not felt able to enjoy the coming of Yule as I normally do.

However I am looking forward to the sense of change, as we move from the longest night and beyond. A time of change, of new beginnings and looking ahead.

Bright blessings to you all, wishing you all a Happy Yule



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