Sweeping out the cobwebs

Cobwebs with dew

The last few months have been a whirlwind, and even now I still feel caught up in it.

Work has been busy with an upcoming move, my current degree module was delayed and so I am feeling a little frantic and then we had a massive leak right into my craft room.

So at the busiest time of year I had to relocate all my supplies and it has put a struggle on getting my orders sorted. The leak has not been fixed yet.

The whirlwind did bring with it a need to centre myself and take back control. I have felt unmoored and while I am very much a “water” person I do need the stability that earth brings.

So I just have to get through the next few weeks and I will have more time and energy to sort myself.

This will be when I sweep out the cobwebs, make some changes, make some decisions and get back to the crooked path.

This blog will be one such place that gets a sweeping. I have already overhauled my other blog but this one needs a bit of TLC as well.

After WinSol I will take some time to reconnect and give my time to these pieces I have.

So hopefully there will be a more regular content appearing here

Bright blessings



Note: Picture purchased from depositphotos.com



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