National Black Cat Day (a day late)


This is my pretty girl Marvel, claiming the top of the cat tree

Due to some crazy I totally missed National Black Cat Day (27th October 2015).

However that does not stop me from blogging about it (even belately). For some bizarro reason black cats take on average 13% longer to find new homes compared to other cats. This is research done by the Cats Protection charity.

As someone who has a black cat companion I find such a thought horrendous.

These wonderful and loving cats are treated with hostility, fear and even suspicion. Stupid old myths about “bad luck” and symbols of evil have continued to make people ignore these pretty cats for some other variety.


My beautiful boy Lucky, who has passed to the realm beyond. Here is sits taking up a large part of the sofa to enjoy the sunshine

This kind of ridiculousness makes me angry. I have three cats (until recently, four) who are all rescue cats.

We had two black ones and two tabbies. They all have their own personalities, they are all loving and sweet, they are also all sneaky… because that is what cats just are.

Our home wouldn’t be a home without them. All our cats are important to us, they are part of the family.

The idea that there are black cats being rejected and ignored in shelters over and over is saddening.

So if you are looking at bringing a cat into your life or 7adding to your cluster of cats already, then please don’t dismiss these beautiful black cats. They deserve love too and they may have been languishing in the shelter for too long already.


If you are thinking of introducing a new cat to your home and you already have cats, remember to give them space and quiet.

They will be best kept in a separate room for a few days so allow them to settle in before having to meet the other cats.

There will probably be some hissing and whatnot when the cats first meet, this is normal but to watch for overly aggressive behaviour. Anything that can hurt or frighten any of the cats. Supervision is needed during this time.

A good method is to rub the cheeks and paws of your new cat with a cloth and then use this cloth to add their scent to the areas your current cats are in such as around table legs, sofa legs, doors. Do the same with the scents of your current cats into the room of your new cat (after a few days though, don’t overwhelm your new cat too early).

This at least allows them to get used to each other.

IMG_20150701_193420635FIRST CAT

If you are looking to get a cat for the first time, give it some thought, read up on what cats require (remember different ages and breeds can need different things). Don’t rush out too soon, make sure you are prepared for your new companion before going to the shelter.

Yes I advocate getting animals from shelters over breeders. In a world where there are so many unwanted and unhomed animals, it seems strange to me to breed more. Speak to other cat owners if you want advice


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