20 things I have learned from my twenties

Now that I am starting to find my path again and some of the stresses and struggles of the past few months years appear to have lifted.  I have taken a little time to look back at my 20s.

Banmer 20 things I have learned from my twenties

I don’t like to dwell on sorrow from my past but I do think it can be beneficial to look back once in a while.

So I’ve been thinking about my 20s (I’m now almost in the middle of my 30s) and thought about what I had learned.


1 – Take the time to think things through rather than just reacting

2 – Being organised and staying organised are very different and a lot harder when you have to motivate yourself to do it

3 – Keep an eye on your finances, they can slip through your fingers

4 – No matter how “together” you can be, it can all break down pretty quickly

5 – We are all stronger and more resilient than we realise

6 – Friendships in your adult life need to be cultivated and worked at more than when you were a teenager

7 – We have more time than we realise… we’re just not spending it wisely

8 – Waiting and saving is better than wanting now and putting on credit

9 – Crap you stressed about as a teenager really stops being important or stress-inducing

10 – Your social life may change with all the added responsibilities, but it doesn’t have to end

11 – You may be destined for great things, but you have to work for it and earn it

12 – We all hate our jobs, but if it’s not your true career, remember that and plan for what you really want… even though it may take time

13 – People you thought you could count on will let you down, and people you thought would not notice you struggle, will surprise you

14 – Grief does not get easier with age

15 – Love thrives best on a foundation of true friendship

16 – Paper breeds… (seriously)

17 – Health is more important than the stress a bad job can give you

18 – It will be hard to find time for things you love doing – remember to prioritise them over other tasks that can wait

19 – There is nothing wrong with being introverted and anti-social

20 – Take risks, just make sure they are are calculated

Memory Lane Road Sign

So dear readers, do you ever wander down Memory Lane?  What have you learned?

)O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O( ~ )O(

Bright blessings



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