Surrounded by Chaos

I don’t even want to know how long it’s been since I blogged. My partner had a few relapses and wasn’t doing well. When that happens I draw back from everything so I can focus on him. These have been getting fewer but he had some bad ones recently.

Well, things have calmed down again so I thought “why not fling myself into chaos”.

I decided to pull my little pagan shop offline for 2 weeks so I could revamp it!  Photos need reshooting, new items need making, policies need sprucing, banner needs changing etc etc

Sounded like a great idea… until I realised just how much work this was going to be. It didn’t help that M and I just spent hours today with my light tent taking new photos only to find that even tweaked, they were coming up bluish or redish. This is even with a white balance card and a frigging good camera.

Soooo because I am being a little bit of perfectionist and don’t want my photos looking like that, I have decided to be bold and move away from plain white backgrounds (mostly). I always found them better than what I originally used but now I think I need to move on.

What does this mean? All those hours were wasted and I have to take another gazillion photos again (when the daylight is back).

Oh well, if I want this shop to be viable I guess these mistakes are going to happen. Another of these learning curves that bite you in the backside.


3 thoughts on “Surrounded by Chaos

    • Hi, thanks for your message. I am so sorry for the long delay in replying. It’s been crazy and I am only now finding my feet again. I am hoping that it means I can give this blog and those who follow / comment on it more attention.

      I really got stuck with white backgrounds as I was sure they would be the best but I am so glad I changed because it really wasn’t working. It is fun to try and change it up. I really feel my photos look better now I have stepped away from the white backgrounds 🙂

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