TPE: Rituals

I seem to have an aversion to Monday’s, hence this week’s “Monday Musing” is on Wednesday!

This week’s musing is about rituals: What is your definition of the word “ritual”? What are your rituals- mundane and spiritual? How do they inform each other? Is ritual a necessary component to spiritual practice?

As someone who has mild OCD many mundane tasks can become ritualistic. My morning routine of sorting my pets, my partner, chores around the house before rushing off to work is somewhat ritualistic. I offer protection blessings for my partner and my pets every day.

I have a special ritual invocation if I see road-kill and that has become so ingrained that I can’t not do it any more.

When I am overwhelmed, my OCD kicks in to reduce the anxiety and suddenly certain items need to be moved, floors swept, clothes hung just so. These rituals become a form of focus, of control that help to balance out my anxiety levels.

For more spiritual matters, the ritualistic side is more pronounced. If I do any blessings, spells or rituals I walk the space, cleanse the space, remove my tools from the chest in a specific order – they are laid out on the altar in a specific order. All this is important as this routine allows me to keep my focus and draws my attention.

Rituals whether spiritual or mundane keeps us focused, keeps us grounded and they allow a smoother motion through our lives. I think they are necessary but not just in spirituality.


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