Monday Musings – Honouring Gaia

My first guide and inspiration will always be Gaia. She is the personification of the Earth, the very land we stand upon. She nurtures us and supports us.

Before I became Pagan I became a conservationist, at a very young age. Our house had a large garden and beyond were fields and woods. So nature was just right outside the door. A dead bird on the side of the road took me to conservationism. I found him when I was about 6 and I couldn’t understand why he was there.

My uncle explained he had been clipped by a car and been killed. We took him home and buried him. This little death shocked me. The idea that this beautiful soul had just died randomly because of a car.

This led me to read and study and search. I poured my passion into doing what I could for nature, wildlife, the environment. When I finally found Paganism this all just seemed to fit. Gaia, the Great Mother, the Earth. She had been what I had been protecting and fighting for.

Along with Gaia I honour Artemis, Isis,  Bast, Epona, Hecate, Herne, Anubis and Odin.



About theblaqkat

Pagan * Witch * Dreamer * Writer * Protector * Listener * Dancer * Gardener * Archer * Potter * Wisher * Maker
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