Please no more TV

No… I don’t have Sky or cable

No… I don’t get any form of broadcasting on my television

No… I have NO interest in any form of reality TV especially where Z list celebrities do stupid things in order to attempt a career comeback

No… I don’t like cooking shows, or game shows

No… I will not get TV broadcasts for the 1 show every few months that is actually good! (It is NOT worth the cost for both TV license and the sky/cable charge)

No… I am not interested in listening to you talk about your crappy soaps

No… please don’t put on your television when I visit… I came to see you NOT the rubbish on TV

No… I don’t need you to tell me all the so-called “great shows” I’m missing out on. I will always find great shows on IMDB and then get them on DVD/Netflicks


The festive period always includes a TV. People seem incapable of switching it off and having conversations. I haven’t had TV broadcasts/Sky/Cable etc for over 8 years now. I love my movies and series’ which I have on DVD or NetFlicks and that makes me happy.

The garbage on 400+ channels is what I am trying to avoid so WHY do family and friends treat me like I’m missing out and as soon as a I turn up, the TV goes on (loudly). I can’t imagine anything more dull.



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