Looking ahead

Over the last 2 years, I feel I have lost track. There has been lots going on, family, health, work… everything appears to have been on overdrive and I just been so busy trying to keep control and keep those plates spinning. Now after a very good December for sales, my little shop is on break, the Solstice has passed (was awesome and we actually managed to decorate even with four destructive cats!!) and I am finally sitting down, calm and able to think about everything. I have neglected large parts of my life to my own detriment in order to hold other things together. Now I want to get back on track.

So here is my plan

ORGANISE – Organise My Life

My intense organisational ability was given a back seat and now the house is cluttered and disorganised and it’s very stressful because I can’t find anything! I hate mess though I am also a bit of a packrat, so it’s like having two distinct personalities fighting constantly.

I need to do a complete overhaul of my house. Every room, every cupboard needs clearing through and clearing out. So don’t be surprised if you see some organisation posts popping up.

My idea would be to create a challenge – make note of every area in my house and work through it even if it’s one month at a time on each area.


SHOP – http://www.etsy.com/shop/blaqkat

Since each year I have done better and exceeded my sales from the year before, I really want to put more effort in. So that means I need to put all these ideas into reality and try and find new ways to improve my processes and not get caught out when it comes to sorting my taxes. Two days of mad panic because I haven’t been filing my paperwork for easy access is getting old!

So if you are a visitor to my shop, keep an eye out for some new pieces! J



This is the area that was sacrificed during the turmoil. An area I never thought would be sacrificed, but after everything that happened I just found my mood was a poison for those worlds and I had to back away before I destroyed them.

The ideas are still flowing and random scenes pop up and get scribbled down, but this area of my life has also spiralled out of control and I need to get both paper copies and electronic copies organised, because I have some cracking ideas for my sub plots that I CANT find!!! And I can only remember fragments of them. 2015 will definitely be when I return to my true worlds and let the muse go wild again.

I have also been asked about my writer’s blog again, I know people enjoyed my tutorials and I truly want to get back to writing them. I have so many tutorial ideas, I just need to claw back some time and get them written and uploaded.


STUDY – Astronomy

*Laughs hysterically* well I actually managed to get my assessment in and got 79 out of 100, surprising since I hadn’t fully read the chapters and ended up just skimming the work before I had to answer the questions. So this module is DEFINITELY better than the last one (which was on cell biology and I couldn’t pronounce half of the words!)

I am going to take this Christmas week to just try and catch up and then schedule in my study time.



For those who follow this blog, you may have noticed that I messed up and totally lost my track with the PBP. So I am waiting until 2015 and I will start again! I have a nice new diary that will be tracking what to write and when. It should help to keep me on track.


How did your 2014 work out? Have you got everything on track or are you looking to reorganise your time and get back your control?


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