A settled feeling and a new addition

Two posts in two weeks, suddenly a person best! 🙂

Something strange has happened, it appears that all the manic-ness that has been whirling like some dervish has started to settle. I wasn’t sure when that happened (especially since for the last few days I’ve been stressing and rushing to complete my current module assessment that was due on Thursday and yes I had forgotten!)

But yesterday especially became a more settled day. Not only have I purchased and wrapped ALL the presents for Yule and Christmas but I even started on the cards! That is usually a last minute dash and then I end up writing the same card twice or putting the wrong name on and stressing myself out thoroughly.

Instead I had wrapped all gifts yesterday, marked up my “gift” sheet that helps me budget and track what I got for who and whether it has been ordered, received, wrapped. Then I started the cards, got the family done first as my mother usually takes them all with hers when she sees her brother and sister so they can then distribute to their children (my cousins etc).

Maybe I can get on top of everything ready for 2015 and carry it on from there.


We have also taken in another new addition. Along with 4 rescue cats and a rescue hamster, we now have a little green and yellow budgie. 🙂 My neighbour found that her budgie was not getting the attention and flight time. So she asked if I would take him.

His name is Taylor and he lives in one of the rooms upstairs. We are giving him a week or two to settle in before I start to tame him to us. He’s only about a year old so is skittish due to the change. Once he is comfortable he will be allowed out into the room (it’s a room the cats aren’t permitted in).

When he gets calmer, I will take a picture and post it. 🙂

So far we have determined he likes Julie Fowlis and her Celtic songs and numerous classical pieces. He doesn’t like much of the typical pop songs which is good because we only like a few of those. Next we will try smooth jazz 🙂



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