Angry with email

It seems almost ironic that after being so happy in my last post about reaching my 100th sale, that this post is about something not so happy.

While making a clear of my emails, I went to my junk folder (which fills in record time) and was just about to empty when I luckily spotted an email from a customer. Upon checking this I was saddened to see that she had not received her item which was posted in September!

As you can imagine she was not happy (completely understandable!), especially since she had apparently emailed me a few times and I had not responded – it seems hotmail thought her emails were all spam and had dumped them in the middle of the 100s I get a week. I have received emails from customers before and they all come through (to my knowledge, now I am feeling paranoid!)

The fact is said “Etsy” in the title and my business name should have been picked up and NOT put into spam.

I responded, emailed and convo’d apologising, offering resolutions and am waiting for her to reply. It was a complete fluke that I even saw her email so this could have been even worse!

The idea that a customer is unhappy with me is very saddening. I am so annoyed at my email.

I have been feeling a little sensitive so this has made me feel awful. I want all my customers to be happy and would already respond fast, but without trawling through 100s of junk emails I don’t know how else I can stop this from happening – I guess this will have to be part of my processes now. Better than having unhappy customers.

I hope this situation can be resolved


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