I am so happy, I received my 100th sale on Sunday which was such a nice boost to my confidence after I’d had such a rough few weeks.

My little Pagan Shop is my escape from the mundane-ness of my regular job. However I don’t always have the time and energy to make as much as I’d like. So I have a nice big list of what I want to do and need to find the time to do it.

Add to that I finally created (with the help of Weebly) a website. I had spent ages thinking about updating mine which has been on hold forever, but I just can’t find that extra time to write all the HTML code. So instead I chugged in and used Weebly which actually worked well. Maybe not exactly what I wanted but it works.

Feel free to visit the site: Blaqkat (it opens in a new window).

I also did get a few simple pieces made up recently for my shop because my next goal is to get 100 items in the shop! So here are a few little delights I’ve made.

Rainbow Pentacle2A

A bright pair of pentacle earrings

Isis2AGorgeous Lapis Lazuli beads with Isis charms

KR Tools 2a

I extended my range to include keyrings/bag charms. This is my “Witch’s Tools” one.

Wish 2a

Wish in a bottle. Blue Lace Agate gems ending with a mini bottle of rainbow beads.



Reaching a goal can be a lot of hard work, but just reaching it totally spurs you on. 🙂 So, on to the next goal!!


About theblaqkat

Pagan * Witch * Dreamer * Writer * Protector * Listener * Dancer * Gardener * Archer * Potter * Wisher * Maker
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