Finding Time…

As you may have noticed my blog has not really been updated and as far as the Pagan Blog Project I managed to slip pretty far behind.

This has been due to a mass of “life” that hit me in the face all at once. Changes at work, car broke down, exam to study, help partner find a job, sort taxes and take etc etc etc

All in all I just feel like I’m trying to stay grounded in a hurricane and failing miserably.

Some of these things have started to ease. My car has been fixed and didn’t complete cripple me financially (shocking I know). Next, despite having horrendous tooth ache due to an infected wisdom tooth and being on unbelievably strong antibiotics, I took my exam and actually passed! Even I didn’t see that happening!

Work is still hectic and there is little I can change about that until September when we have a reshuffle of bodies again.

My partner has got a job which a) he loves and b) gives him loads of time to do all his hobbies and c) gives him a routine so he’s not always under my feet now!

The last thing I am dealing with is a big furniture change. My study/craft room/altar room had become to feel stagnant and over filled. Having just continually used old furniture in badly organised places in order to be a working room.

All that did was stifle my writing, my art, my craft (so affected my business) and leave me in a foul mood. Some actual thought over the breakfast table and we decided to sell some furniture and buy something more workable.

This has currently happening and my new furniture is coming tomorrow! Yay. Once I get my quiet space back I can actually get myself in a better place and catch up on the blogging, both here and on my writers blog, start creating my website, complete my taxes, and push a little harder with my business.

For the last few months of stress and busyness I have felt like my head was a jigsaw and only now can I finally see the pattern I’m making.

What hasn’t helped is the awful muggy weather were you can barely fill your lungs. Just leaves you breathless and sweaty – but not in a good way!


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