M is for Mother

In a desperate attempt to get myself caught up with the Blog post project I am jumping to M. I feel this will force me to back track and get the other (goddess-knows how many) letters I’ve missed, written.

Mother is the middle aspect in the Triple Goddess.

The first is Maiden, innocence, youth, vitality and curiosity. Finding her feet, overwhelming her senses and living with unbridled hope and passion for every new experience. The last aspect is the Crone, wisdom, knowledge, strength, solitude and understanding. She is the bridge to the next world, armed with her experience gained in life, she is the guide, the one who watches over the other two.

So we move to the Mother.

As I am in my 30s I feel I am within the Mother Aspect. While I have no children of my own and actually have no desire not even instinctual to bare young, I can still connect to the concept of Mother.

Almost all Pagans come to this path due to a deep connection to the earth, the great Mother, Gaia. We feel her energy, her cycles. She is awash with differing habitats where creatures of all kinds may find shelter.

I feel that this is how I connect with Mother, this is how I represent Mother. I need not bring life into the world myself, merely support and nurture and protect other life – just as the Mother aspect.

She is the warmth, the heart, the womb. She is protection and nurture, the loving and giving spirit. Even the sacrifice.I honour the Mother Aspect by giving back to the world, nurturing her as she has nurtured us. I do what I can and hope my message finds its way into other people’s hearts. I watch over her lives – those that live beside us – whether they are other people, animals or plants.

We do not need our own children to feel love, to feel protective and to do good by another. We should not define our love by those closest to us, those who know us or those who return it.We are all connected, all brother and sisters. When we hear of injustice we should stand against it, not wait until that injustice falls against us. When we hear of cruelty and suffering we must be the voice that rises for those who have none.

I have heard some pagans speak of four aspects (Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Crone) however I feel  Mother is warrior. She is not merely a vessel for new life, she is tenderness and love, but she is fire and fury when protecting those she loves.





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  1. “I feel that this is how I connect with Mother, this is how I represent Mother. I need not bring life into the world myself, merely support and nurture and protect other life – just as the Mother aspect.”

    Yes! I like this. This speaks to me. Good post. 🙂

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