This month has been a little more manic than I expected. Firstly it has turned out to be my best month so far for my little shop! =^.^=

I’ve sold more items this month than any other and my Chakra jewellery and my Five Elements Necklace seem to be the popular choice at the moment.

What I SHOULD be doing however is studying for my Cell Biology module exam. However it was a very boring and stressful module and just the idea of reading through the notes and trying to understand the words that are way too long is making me lean heavily towards procrastination…. probably why I’ve been able to make more jewellery designs.

I’m hoping to take some time off this week so I can get my head down to study (wishful thinking).

I hate that I am behind on this blog and my Writing blog is desperately in need of a new tutorial uploading…I just need to write one.

Pottery has been more fun, I have taken some time away from crafting things for the shop and have instead made some items that will be fit to go outside in my garden. I have a sleeping dragon, a lady bird, hedgehog, giant toadstool and something else but I can’t remember what.

I am not even THINKING about the fact I need to get my taxes done especially since all my “I’m going to be organised this year” that I said LAST year fell away pretty quickly so I need to go through everything and update my spreadsheets and find my receipts before I even start on my Tax returns.

*head desk* I need time!!! bleh



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