G is for Garden

Flower 2For me Paganism is very much about nature.

This is its foundation, we are the ones who connect with the seasons, who follow the cycles of the moon, we embrace and rejoice with the elements.

Our Gods and Goddesses reside in all areas of nature and we are the world’s guardians.

I don’t travel much so my connection with the natural world starts in my garden. It is a place where we can express and at the same time let Nature do what she wishes. We can strike that nice balance and find harmony in these small areas (or large, if you are lucky enough to have such).

If you have a garden, think about making it part of your sanctuary. A garden is a place for wildlife to find safety, shelter and food and somewhere you can truly connect.

04-9-08 - Fuzzy beeA few things you can do in your garden:

* Set up an outside altar

* Grow herbs for spellwork, rituals or tinctures/poltices

* Make a sanctuary for the birds and insects that are beneficial to our eco-system

* Get your children involved in nature with wormeries, bird houses, bee hotels etc

* Make a pond (even a mini one) to encourage frogs, toads and dragonflies

* Watch the changing seasons and spend time nurturing a little slice of the earth

* Learn more about nature and her cycles

* Get some fresh air and sunshine (if you get any) to blow out the brain-cobwebs and give your health a boost.

* Meditate outside

* Grow your own food, organic, fresh and tended with love

* Dance in the rain, walk barefooted on the grass (if you have it)

* Make a Hedgehog home

* Plant a Witch’s garden

When I was younger my parents had a large garden that backed out onto a field. It was wonderful to play in. The borders between our neighbours had thick hedges of conifer trees that were packed with nesting birds.

I played, tumbled, chased butterflies, stared at the clouds, got very grubby and felt exhilarated. The first house I got for myself had no garden, just a yard. The first thing I did was clear it out and put in raised beds with plants. I needed that to feel connected in a place surrounded by so much concrete.

Since then every home I had needed to have a garden. Big or small, I needed some form of garden that I could spend my time in, work in, reconnect with.

The world is a big place and needs a lot of care, if we all tend our little section of it, she will flourish. Treat her gently.


This will definitely be one of many articles that touch on gardening and what you can do in your garden.

For those who do not have one but would like one, I do have a Gardenless Gardening article I will be uploading. It may have some ideas for bringing the world indoors. =^.^=

Bright blessings



One thought on “G is for Garden

  1. This is so beautiful in it’s earnestness and simplicity. I adore posts like this one. It really speaks to me. And I love to dance in the rain whenever I get the chance! 😉

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