Here there be dragons!….and one Wyvern

FINALLY I have been able to my mini dragons snapped (the camera has been refusing to accept all batteries for the last few days). And my packaging came, as all my current boxes were just TOO small to comfortably support the dragons and their protective padding. *typical!*

But I am so happy, I love these dragons and already have new ideas for more. The glazes actually turned out really well =^.^=

These are the first ones I have listed on Etsy!

BKPD02 - Ocean - 4

BKPD01 - Curious 1

BKPD - Slumber - 1

BKPD04 - Playful - 2

This last little fellow, is not strictly speaking a dragon, but in fact a Wyvern. However his dragon cousins accept him easily so maybe there will be more Wyverns popping up. Then who knows! Griffins, Basilisks possibly a Manticore. 🙂

This big critter I made recently, I wanted to see if I could make something like a Chinese Dragon style. Didn’t work how I wanted it and then to make things worst, the glaze came out very “wishy washy” so I’m not happy with this, but he is still pretty cute.

Chinese Dragon



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