The ever growing To Do list

To do lists and me have a very unhealthy relationship. I can get overly obsessed with them until I have about 12 on the go and all it takes is one incorrectly spelt word and I have to re-write them.

After having a sulky day, and trying to re-arrange my office for like the hundredth time I decided I needed to make a more concise to do list and I’m putting it here because that way it won’t get lost (all my electronic to do lists end up saved in random places and we won’t even go into the paper copies which I’m sure the cracker goblins (they like crackers) keep stealing them).

So, here is my list:

* Sort my damn website out (it’s been on “under construction” for like 3 years!)

* Complete book 3 of my degree module

* Sort photos and listings of my pocket dragons (add to Etsy once packaging arrives)

* Re-take newest product photos (check that, get Dread Pirate to retake, he is a whiz with the camera) – DONE

* Put up shelves, notice board, magazine holder, craft box organiser, bottle rack and move picture in office – PARTIALLY DONE

* Fix the damaged wallpaper in my office (before putting up the shelves!!)

* Organise my binders (relabel)

* Update this blog with F and G for the Pagan Blog Post

* Move the last few existing writing tutorials I have onto my Writers Blog (then find my list of ideas for all the new ones I have to write).

* Write them!

* Put up the shoe rack

* Locate my garden plan chart and to do list (see! these things are everywhere)

* Locate my new jewellery ideas for my Etsy store

* Sort paper work for my tax *groan*

* Try out my pyromancy kit

* Spray paint my paper drawer organiser

* Sand and stain the nesting tables when the weather is nice

* Locate the care notes for the Venus Fly Trap (try NOT to kill it!)


I know there is more to do…but I’m leaving it at this.


About theblaqkat

Pagan * Witch * Dreamer * Writer * Protector * Listener * Dancer * Gardener * Archer * Potter * Wisher * Maker
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