I should really be getting ready for work, but during breakfast I visited Etsy. I do like to spend time in the forums.

However I have to say the sheer number of posts (almost daily) that appear from new shops complaining that they haven’t had a sale seems really strange to me. Firstly these shops are usually barely a month old, they have like 10 or less items, no banners, small titles, few or even no tags, no policies….

I think what makes me scratch my head is that when you join Etsy they send you details and point you towards their sellers handbook, which I found really useful. And all the above mentioned issues are like the major things you sort before you even think about getting a sale.

Firstly, why do people never check the forum to see if OTHER people have asked that same question (usually there is already a thread on the forum, active, when someone else asks the same thing). I just find it strange that these people don’t seem to check what is being said as if their shop is somehow different.

To me, the above, is like opening a bricks and mortar shop and have 4 items for sale, no banner, no shop name, no cash register and then being really surprised when no one a) sees you b) knows what your selling c) wants to look around your 4 items.

I guess this post is more like a “I don’t understand why people do this?” Personally I thought it was common practice to do a search on a forum when asking something that is (to me) pretty obviously a common question…. and if it isn’t maybe it should be.

Then again I think this (partially ranty) post is also about the fact that when advise is given, the same people will often open ANOTHER thread a week later and still complain while having done none of what people have advised.

Guess everyone is different and this is just how some people do things. I just find it very counter productive.

It’s early and I’m in a mood so maybe later today I will feel better and become less aggy with people and more sympathetic again….



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