D is for Drums

I have always loved the drums. Whether it is a basic model that sits neatly between the knees and is tapped with the fingertips to my full sized drum kit that takes over a large section of a room, these percussion instruments have a strong voice.

It has been said that the Drum is the Heartbeat of the world. Mother nature’s voice sometimes soft, sometimes booming, a gentle or powerful rhythm. The drum can call forth spirits, banish negativity, energise the people…

The concept of drumming circles I believe comes from shamanism where it was used during the “shamanic journeys” as well as other rituals, gatherings or celebration. These circles have found their way into other cultures, other religions etc.

To many witches drumming is a way of raising power, the steady flow, the reverberation, the connection to the world’s voice… it is easy to lose yourself to the drum song. The repetitive beat can be like a meditation, a way to draw your focus and brush away all thoughts. It is powerful and revitialising.

The drum can be used to cleanse an area, to break up the stagnating energies and drive them away.

Do you have a drum in your Pagan Tools, if so what do you use it for?


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One Response to D is for Drums

  1. Ravensong says:

    Yay! I also love drumming. I really resonated with what you said about getting lost in the drum song–I have repeatedly been drawn into a trance state when drumming for extended periods. I always feel so relaxed after a drumming session! In the open group I frequent we use drumming for raising energy as well as during guided meditations.

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