How to recycle your CDs and DVDs (& their cases)

Banner how to recycle your cds and dvds (and their cases)

Following a need to declutter, we decided to get rid of all our CDs.  Music is mainly stored digitally now and we rarely reach for a CD.  So these were just taking up valuable space.

[ Re-Use ]

Rather than jump straight to recycling,we first looked at the option of reuse.  We used the companies Ziffit and Zapper, who will buy unwanted CDs.  By comparing the discs on each online company, we got the best value for our collection.

We ended up with three boxes full and got a decent amount of cash once they had received and checked the items.

PS: I don’t use MusicMagpie as I found they either accepted very few of the CDs or their prices were way too low compared to the others (but it does pay to shop around).

Both Zapper and Ziffit recycle CDs if they are not sellable when they receive them. Another plus.

[ Redistribute ]

Of the CDs that couldn’t be taken by the two companies above, I separated out the music ones and listed them on Freecycle.  For those who don’t know, Freecycle is an online community organised by location, were you can list items you don’t want.

The items have to be given free and if someone wants them, they can collect them.  So I got rid of the rest of my music via this method.

[ Recycle ]

Finally I was left with the “free” CDs I had received from magazines or old data CDs that were not Read/Write so were no longer needed.

Most Household Recycling Centres don’t take these.  Mine doesn’t.  So I went online and found a few companies who will recycle 100% of the discs and their cases free of charge (though you do have to pay the postage to send them).  Still, worth it for doing your bit for the environment and reducing waste.

Environmental Media Solutions – They recycle CDs, DVDs, cases and even old VHS videos. They accept a maximum of 100 items per household free of charge, after that there is a 0.30p charge per item.

Polymer Reprocessors – This company can also recycle CDs, DVDs and cases (doesn’t mention VHS though).  They use no chemicals in the pulping and reprocessing procedures.

[ Creative Re-Use ]

If you are creative and have some time, you could re-purpose your unwanted CDs and DVDs.  There are many crafty ideas.  Here are a few.

While I have kept a number for craft projects, I found I had too many so I was happy enough to recycle the rest of my unwanted CD/DVD media.


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Have you made anything creative with your old CDs?  Share your creativity in the comments section below 🙂

Bright blessings



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